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Contact Center Services : Our Solutions  

Thinktel and its associate companies offer fully–integrated Contact Center solutions to the following businesses:

• Telecom
• Banks/Financial Services
• Insurance
• Utilities

The requirements of each of the vertical segments are met through the Inbound and Outbound services of Thinktel’s Contact Center.

Inbound Services:

  • Web Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Catalogue and Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • Help Desk

Outbound Services:

  • Telephone and Web-based business development
  • Product promotion & Product Awareness.
  • Campaign Management
  • Credit & Collections
  • Market Research & Opinion Polls
  • Financial Investigations

E-Support :
Through the company’s e-Support solutions, we can provide your customers with many levels of online assistance, including:
Instant chat, for real-time text-based conversations
Page push, in which the agent "pushes" a web page onto the customer's screen
Follow me, which allows the customer to watch what the agent   does
Customer Service
Form sharing, for assistance with completing forms
• Customers can also request an immediate or scheduled call back  from an agent.

Thinktel’s comprehensive Service Level Agreement  covers:
• Average speed to answer
• Abandon rate
• First call resolution rate
• Client satisfaction survey
• Average Call Handle Time
• E-mail response time
• Contacts per Hour / Contacts per Day

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