About Thinktel - Quality

Quality Processes

Thinktel and its sister concerns are leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies having proven capability in data businesses. We understand the critical success factors of an outsourced process and the significance of working as an extended enterprise for our clients. We achieve this by deploying stringent Quality and Process Management systems on the shop floor.

Our biggest strength lies in our outsourcing model with a structured client-engagement and delivery framework, that is quality and process centric. Effectively, this allows Thinktel and its sister concerns to take complete ownership of client processes - right from scoping and selecting a process for remote processing, till the process is finally set in production at Thinktel’s delivery centers.

Quality is a vital enabling function structured to bring improvements during the time of migrating process as well as once the process is live in operation.

Quality is headed by a team of Auditors and Quality Analysts. This team drives Quality rigor through Quality Assurance and Quality Control. While QA helps strategically to identify trends and business inconsistencies, QC attempts continuous improvements beyond the standards agreed in ‘Service Level Agreement’.

Starting August 2009, the team is in deployment phase for Six-Sigma for Continuous Improvements. VOC (Voice of Customer) will be the base of such Quality initiatives, which will ensure that SLA targets are consistently met & possibly improved; and, variation is tracked & controlled to deliver stable operations. Our approach is one of DMAIC: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control.

Key Elements of Quality

As a Customer:

1. Thinktel and its sister concerns are committed towards fulfilling the requirements
set forth in the Service Level Agreements in terms of Quality, Turnaround and Process Improvement.

2. Constant endeavor to exceed customer expectations.

3. Customer surveys are undertaken and incorporated into a “Customer Index”.

4. Well-defined and extensively documented project management plan ensuring
“zero surprises” for our customers

As an Employee:

1. Ongoing programs for career growth, training and self- development.

2. “Employee Satisfaction Index” to monitor satisfaction with work
culture, process training, colleagues and opportunities provided.

3. Fair and objective performance appraisal system.

As an Investor:

1. Complete transparency in operations.

2. Continuous initiative to yield higher returns on capital deployed.

As a Business Partner:

1. We do not treat our vendors as our “suppliers”, rather they are our “partners in growth”.

2. Payments are made on-time and as per agreed terms.

3. Long-term relationships derived from high levels of performance and quality.